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Sear steaks over wood fire at 3x the temperature of gas

Unique cooktop design with varying heat zones

Chefs know that the secret to a perfect sear is high heat. The center grill grate of the arteflame easily reaches 1,000F for a perfect sear every time. Heat radiates out through the circular cooktop so you have total control over the temperatures. Sear steaks while potatoes, veggies and everything else on the menu sizzles to perfection all at the same time.

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arteflame runs circles around any gas grill

Engineered airflow maximizes the heat from charcoal and wood. You easily get 1,000F+ for searing and locking in flavor. The fire never burns your food on the solid cooktop so it is easy to grill all your food at once while getting that great smoke flavor.

1,000F+ For Perfect Searing

engineered airflow for Maximum Heat while smoke flavors your food

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Inserts available for most weber and Egg style grills

Welcome to the arteflame family

The Arteflame Grill with its unique combination of conventional center grill grate and surrounding flat cooktop let’s you grill all your food at the same time. While the wood fire flavors your food, you have time to enjoy grilling and socializing as the fire never touches or burns your food on the. solid steel cooktop. Your complete meal will simply sizzle to perfection while you have total control of the temperature. Then, to top it all off, sear your meats over the center grill grate at over 1,000F. That’s 3 times the temperature of a gas grill.

Chefs know it takes 1,000F+ to perfectly sear steaks. This is the steakhouses secret. Arteflame grills easily reach this same temperature. While the center grill reaches 1,000F, the heat from the fire radiates out through the cooktop. This gives you various heat zones. These heat make preparing your whole meal at the same time easy. Grill over the live fire at over 1,000F while all your other menu items sizzle to perfection. You now have total control over how you grill your food at the desired temperature. This allows you to be the grill expert with food that rivals the best steakhouse.

Steakhouses and Pizzerias advertise with wood fire grills and ovens. They know this produces the absolute best tasting food. Using the rotisserie or the pizza oven accessory, there are many ways to grill on an Arteflame and get restaurant quality results.

Arteflame is the original American manufacturer of combination Grills with Flat Cooktops / Griddles. Built exceptionally solid, they are designed to last with little to no maintenance. When you buy an Arteflame grill, fire pit or griddle grill combination insert, you are buying 100% made in America.

Each grill is made of Corten steel that develops a unique, gorgeous patina that is ever changing. Arteflame grills have an engineered airflow system without any moving parts or adjustments. This airflow generates maximum heat while wood smoke flavors your food. Cooktops can be removed to convert your grill into a fire pit. (Lifting tool included)

Arteflame grill inserts allow you to grill Arteflame style on your own barbecue by replacing your existing grill grate. This greatly expands the grilling possibilities. The insert allows you to grill your entire meal at the same time without having to run back and forth to the kitchen. Arteflame inserts are available for most popular grills like; akorn, kamado, oklahoma joe, joe classic, big joe, green egg, napoleon, traeger, weber, weber summit, genesis, blackstone and most gas grills and other charcoal barbecues.

All Arteflame griddle grill cooktops, grill grates, replacement grill grate inserts and the awesome little burger pucks are made of carbon steel and season just like cast iron cookware. Cooking on seasoned carbon steel or cast iron is regarded as the “gold standard” for preparing the best tasting food possible.

We talk about grilling restaurant quality food but don't take our word for it. Invite friends and family over and grill your next steakhouse quality meal at home on your Arteflame and see for yourself. Be the grill expert grilling the best food ever!

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