About Arteflame Grills

Arteflame is an American Company proudly designing and crafting the most aesthetically pleasing, unique and versatile outdoor grills available.

Arteflame grills combine art, form and function – exhibiting timeless style and refined taste. The Arteflame family of products is proudly designed and crafted in the heart of the American Midwest using only US steel. Our grills are cherished by our clients as works of art – the natural patina of CORTEN steel is as unique as each individual owner. Not only used to create culinary masterpieces in the outdoors, Arteflame grills are considered by most to be artistic masterpieces of the outdoors.  But best of all, Arteflame grills function like no other, making each dish a masterpiece.

We lead the industry in the handcrafted creation of unique yet functional American made grilling solutions. Grounded, yet forward thinking. Traditional, yet cutting edge. Culinary and entertainment focused, fueled by passion and creativity we take great pride in each grill produced, shipped and installed. As we continue to innovate, expand and produce new grilling options we never lose sight of our reason for being – the pleasure and passion of you, our customers and friends.

Arteflame mission statement

Hello and welcome to Arteflame.  My name is Michiel.  My beautiful wife Jennifer and I live in Los Angeles.  When I was 18, I moved from Holland to the US, fell in love with it and became an American.  Every day I am grateful for the life I live here and I am passionate about giving back to the community. 

Our goal is to employ 100+ people that thrive, provide for their families, can buy houses and send their kids to college right here in the USA. We have a working environment where innovative ideas are cherished and dedication and good work is well rewarded. By listening to our customers and continuously improving our grills to better suit their needs, we are able to manufacture innovative products that provide excellent value and durability, are loved for their aesthetics and cherished for their functionality. 

Arteflame only exists because of customers like you. We can only achieve our goals by serving our customers in the best possible way.  We thrive on customer feedback, listen to their thoughts and act upon them as we continually improve our products.

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