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Arteflame Classic 40" - Tall Base

Arteflame Classic 40" - Tall Base

Regular price $2,450.00

Arteflame Classic 40" - Low Base

Arteflame Classic 40" - Low Base

Regular price $2,350.00

Arteflame Classic 40" - Fire Bowl

Arteflame Classic 40" - Fire Bowl

Regular price $1,850.00

Monroe County Pork Steaks with Steven Raichlen


  • Simple Setup

    No tools required, just a few pieces of high quality American steel to assemble by hand, in seconds.

  • Build a Fire

    Just like building a fire in a traditional fire pit, except you can cook on the surface!

  • Time to Cook

    Depending on the size of your fire, the cook surface can be ready to cook a delicious meal within 20-30 minutes

  • Grilled Perfection

    Unique bowl design heats the solid cooktop perfectly to grill food without flareups or messy grates to clean.

  • Easy Clean Up

    Just scrape all excess oil and food debris into the fire and wipe the cooktop with some olive oil. That’s it!

  • Made in USA

    All Arteflame products are hand crafted from American steel right here in the USA.

A Social Experience

Arteflame’s flat, efficient cooking surface makes it different from traditional grills.

When not cooking food, the Arteflame provides a perfect fire for colder evenings.

Arteflame is a functional piece of art. Its classic clean lines work in any outdoor setting.


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Arteflame Classic 40" product review by Greg Rempe from the BBQ Central Show


Arteflame One Series 40" Grill

Arteflame One Series 40"

Regular price $2,150.00

Arteflame One Series 30" Grill

Arteflame One Series 30"

Regular price $1,199.00

Arteflame One Series 20" Grill

Arteflame One Series 20"

Regular price $699.00


What is the Arteflame made of?

Every Arteflame Grill is made from CORTEN steel giving each Arteflame a beautiful, unique color. This patina acts as a natural protectant ensuring your Arteflame will last a lifetime. The cook top is a special commercial grade carbon steel.

Does it use propane or wood for fuel?

Arteflames use wood and charcoal for fuel. Use hardwoods only such as hickory, oak, maple, and fruit woods such as peach, cherry and apple. Hardwoods add an aromatic air to your entertaining and can be varied to impart different flavors to your cooking. Soft woods such as pine are to be avoided as the sap contained in soft woods is prone to spitting embers and leaving a sappy mess in your fire bowl. Likewise, never use manufactured logs available at most grocery stores.The wax and fillers used in manufactured logs are harmful - especially if used for cooking. Lump charcoal, smoker pellets and charcoal briquettes are also good to use.

How long does it take to heat up?

Depending on the size of the fire in the center, and the ambient air temperature and temperature of your Arteflame prior to lighting, you can be ready to cook within 20-40 minutes.

Chefs love Arteflame

Chefs all over the world enjoy the unique design and functionality of the Arteflame grill. Whether it is to bring a special flair to an outdoor event or cook for thousands of people, Arteflame is the perfect choice.

Grill Arteflame style on the bbq you already have

Weber Kettle Arteflame Insert Smash Burgers

Buy Arteflame Classic 40" - Low Base


Fire Pit and Grill All in One

Arteflame grills are designed as functional pieces of art, uniquely versatile when cooking and stylishly present when not. When done cooking, the grills can be used as a fire pit or fire feature for your backyard or outdoor entertainment center by simply removing the cooktop.  (lifting tools included)



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