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Easy Fish Tacos on the Grill Recipe

Easy Fish Tacos on the Grill Recipe

Last week I was asked to be a showcase cook for ARTEFLAME & Greatest Blaze at Grill Hampton (Dan’s Papers event during Taste of Two Forks). I wanted to highlight the versatility of the ARTEFLAME grill, so I made three types of tacos. The line for our food was so long, you would’ve guessed that we were competing in the grilling competition!
On the ARTEFLAME we cooked tangy chicken tacos with grilled peppers, guacamole & salsa, blueberry balsamic chipotle steak tacos with grilled onions and queso blanco, and in a cast iron skillet, ON the grill, we made these easy fish tacos! They are boiled in beer with limes, and are delicious!
Here’s the recipe for our fan favorite, Mama’s Easy Fish Tacos:

2lbs fresh fish (cod) 4 – 5 can of beer (corona) 6-8 limes cut into rounds Large (seasoned) cast iron skillet w/ cover Salt, pepper and fresh cilantro 1/2 red cabbage sliced thin 1 cup salsa 1 cup sour cream Soft tacos Optional: hot sauce

Let’s get cookin’:
On grill, heat seasoned skillet. Add fish, beer (to cover), limes, cilantro and salt and pepper. Stir gently and cover until cooked.Make sauce by combining salsa and sour cream. Cut cabbage. Heat soft tacos on grill.Use slotted spatula to remove fish and place in heat safe bowl. Smear sauce on taco shell and layer with fish and cabbage.Add more sauce and hot sauce in top.

How to cut limes on the GREATEST Soundview Millworks Bar Board!

These are some of the products we use in this recipe:

Arteflame Flat Top Grill


Flat top grill grate riser

charcoal grill charcoal fuel saver for flat top

flat top grill scraper

flat top grill seasoning puck

flat top grill food saver


flat top charcoal grill lighter


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Testimonial Forbes
Testimonial Forbes 4.7/5 stars The Arteflame will be the food and fun focal point of any backyard and is equally at home on a prepared surface or grass lawn.
Testimonial Barbecue Bible
Testimonial Barbecue Bible 5/5 stars If the mythic gods of fire had an earthly temple, the Arteflame grill could serve as it's baptismal font. Its design, at once primeval and modern, symbolizes mankind's relationship with the awesome power of fire.
Testimonial Martha Stewart
Testimonial Martha Stewart 5/5 stars I love this grill - it's made of half-inch carbon steel and corten "weathering" steel with a cooktop that heats from the center out.
Testimonial Steven Raichlen
Testimonial Steven Raichlen 5/5 stars It looks like a Claus Oldenburg sculpture. It functions like a wood burning grill & plancha. It's great for steak, fragile fish, veggies and everything in between.

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