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Arteflame Stainless Steel Food Saver For 18" Inserts (8.5"Ø Grate) - Keep Food Secure on the Grill



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Arteflame Stainless Steel Food Saver: No More Lost Food on the Grill

Preserve Every Bite with Arteflame Stainless Steel Food Saver

Transform your grilling with the Arteflame Stainless Steel Food Saver. This essential accessory is a lifesaver for grill enthusiasts, effectively preventing any food from accidentally falling into the flames. It's the perfect solution for busy cooktops where losing food to the fire is a common annoyance when you're not using the center grill grate or when you're using the grill grate riser.

Maintain a Clean and Efficient Grill

Uniquely designed to snugly fit the center accessory ring of your Arteflame grill, the Food Saver acts as a protective barrier. It keeps smaller items safely on the grill, even when the cooktop is fully loaded. Enjoy efficient grilling with no more worries about food slipping into the fire.

Enhanced Cooking with Grill Grate Risers

The Arteflame Food Saver is not just about protection; it's about versatility. Compatible with the optional grill grate riser, it's an adaptable tool for any grilling scenario. Whether hosting a large barbecue or preparing an intimate meal, the Food Saver is your ally in grilling perfection.

Robust Stainless Steel for Lasting Use

Made from premium stainless steel, the Arteflame Food Saver promises longevity and resilience. Designed to endure frequent use, it's a reliable addition to your grilling gear. Plus, its stylish look seamlessly complements your Arteflame grill.

An Essential for the Avid Griller

The frustration of losing good food to the fire ends now. With the Arteflame Stainless Steel Food Saver, every grilling session becomes more enjoyable and less wasteful. It's an indispensable tool for every grill master. Order yours today and elevate your grilling experience to new heights.



Food Saver Manual

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