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Arteflame 20 Rotisserie Kit - Enhance Your Grill with Versatile Cooking

Sale price$295

Arteflame 20 Rotisserie Kit: Revolutionize Your Grilling

Take your grilling to the next level with the Arteflame One 20 Rotisserie Kit. Designed to fit seamlessly with your grill, this rotisserie kit is the perfect tool for cooking a wide range of foods, from juicy chickens to tender roasts.  Due to the grill size, the cooktop is replaced with the Rotisserie when in use.  After the rotisserie is used, simply drop in the cooktop to continue grilling.

Versatile Cooking Made Simple

The Arteflame One 20 Rotisserie Kit offers unparalleled versatility in outdoor cooking. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a weekend griller, this kit allows you to explore new recipes and techniques with ease. Its straightforward installation means you can start cooking with rotisserie in no time.

Crafted for Convenience and Quality

Designed with both convenience and quality in mind, the Arteflame Rotisserie Kit is built to last. Its robust construction ensures it can handle various foods, while its ease of use makes it a favorite among grill enthusiasts. Whether hosting a party or enjoying a family dinner, the Arteflame Rotisserie Kit adds a touch of gourmet to your outdoor cooking.

This kit includes a cordless battery operated rotisserie motor, spit and one set of forks. The motor has a 25lb limit.

If you want to use both rotisserie positions at the same time, order the Extra Rotisserie Kit.

Rotisserie Manual

Arteflame 20 Rotisserie Kit in use
Arteflame 20 Rotisserie Kit - Enhance Your Grill with Versatile Cooking Sale price$295