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Arteflame Grill Grates

Sale price$139
Grill Size:

Arteflame Carbon Steel Center Grill Grate for Gourmet Grilling

Perfectly Sear Steaks with High-Heat Resistant Grill Grate

Transform your grilling experience with the Arteflame Carbon Steel Center Grill Grate, expertly designed to integrate seamlessly into Arteflame grill cooktops. This grill grate is your key to perfectly grilled seafood, steaks, burgers, and vegetables, adding significant extra space to your cooking area.

Durable, Maintenance-Free US Steel Construction

Crafted from premium US Steel, the Arteflame Grill Grate is built for endurance and high-performance grilling. Its robust construction makes it virtually maintenance-free, ensuring a long-lasting addition to your grilling arsenal.

Specially designed to sit right over the open fire, our Grill Grate reaches soaring temperatures of over 1,000°F (500°C), akin to what you'd find in a professional steakhouse. This incredible heat capacity is possible due to its unique laser-cut, single-sheet, cold-rolled steel design - a choice that far outperforms cast iron, which could crack or break under such intense heat.

Arteflame Carbon Steel Center Grill Grate: Elevate Your Grilling Game

Whether you're aiming for that perfect steak sear or evenly cooked vegetables, the Arteflame Grill Grate brings precision and professional quality to your backyard. It's not just an accessory; it's an essential tool for any grilling enthusiast looking to up their game.



Arteflame Grill Grates - Arteflame Outdoor Charcoal Grill Griddle Combination.
Arteflame Grill Grates Sale price$139