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Durable Arteflame Vinyl Grill Cover - Protection in All Weather

Sale price$105

Arteflame Vinyl Grill Cover: Ultimate Protection for Your Grill

Secure your Arteflame grill with our specially designed Vinyl Grill Cover. Tailored to fit your Arteflame perfectly, this cover offers unparalleled protection in all weather conditions.

Designed for Durability and Security

Our Vinyl Grill Cover is made to withstand the toughest weather, from heavy rain to snow and strong winds. Equipped with zippers on each side, it ensures the cover stays secure, keeping your Arteflame safe from the elements and debris.

Custom Fit for Your Arteflame Grill

While the cover is designed to fit snugly on your Arteflame grill, please note that it will not accommodate optional side tables. For a perfect fit, simply remove the side tables before installing the cover.

A Commitment to Quality

Our Vinyl Grill Cover is a testament to quality and durability. Choose this cover for long-lasting protection and peace of mind, knowing your grill is safeguarded.

Get Your Arteflame Vinyl Grill Cover Today

Don't let the weather dictate your grilling plans. Order your Arteflame Vinyl Grill Cover now and ensure your grill stays clean and ready for your next barbecue adventure.


Weather-Resistant Grill Cover in Use.
Durable Arteflame Vinyl Grill Cover - Protection in All Weather Sale price$105