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Strawberry Chocolate Cinnamon Dessert Nachos: Arteflame Grill Recipe

Strawberry Chocolate Cinnamon Dessert Nachos: Arteflame Grill Recipe

Strawberry Chocolate Cinnamon Dessert Nachos: Arteflame Grill Recipe

Strawberry Chocolate Cinnamon Dessert Nachos: Arteflame Grill Recipe

Indulge in a unique dessert experience with our Strawberry and Chocolate Cinnamon Dessert Nachos, made on the Arteflame Grill.

Perfectly charred strawberries, melted chocolate, and a sprinkle of cinnamon create a delectable treat. Ideal for any gathering, this recipe promises a sweet and savory fusion that's sure to impress."


  • Round nacho chips, about 6-8 per serving
  • Strawberries, thinly sliced
  • Cinnamon, for sprinkling
  • Chocolate sauce, for drizzling
  • Optional: Caramel sauce and whipped topping for garnish


  1. Preheat the Grill: Fire up your Arteflame grill or insert, aiming for a temperature between 400 to 450°F. This is the sweet spot for perfect grilling.

  2. Grill the Strawberries: Place sliced strawberries directly on the grill. Sauté them until they are charred and soft, which enhances their natural sweetness and adds a deliciously smoky flavor.

  3. Warm the Nachos: Arrange the nacho chips on the grill, slightly overlapping. Let them warm up until they are just beginning to crisp on the edges. The slight char adds a fantastic taste and texture.

  4. Assemble the Nachos: Once the strawberries are soft, remove them from the grill and arrange them on top of the warmed nacho chips. Generously sprinkle with cinnamon for a spicy warmth.

  5. Add the Sauces: Drizzle chocolate sauce over the nachos and strawberries. For an extra layer of decadence, add caramel sauce and a dollop of whipped topping if desired.

  6. Serve Immediately: Enjoy your Strawberry and Chocolate Cinnamon Dessert Nachos while they're still warm. The combination of crisp nachos, soft strawberries, and rich sauces is irresistible.

This simple yet innovative recipe brings a delightful twist to traditional nachos, perfect for dessert or a sweet snack during your next barbecue. The Arteflame Grill ensures each ingredient is perfectly cooked, offering a memorable taste experience with every bite.

These are some of the products we use in this recipe:

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Testimonial Forbes
Testimonial Forbes 4.7/5 stars The Arteflame will be the food and fun focal point of any backyard and is equally at home on a prepared surface or grass lawn.
Testimonial Barbecue Bible
Testimonial Barbecue Bible 5/5 stars If the mythic gods of fire had an earthly temple, the Arteflame grill could serve as it's baptismal font. Its design, at once primeval and modern, symbolizes mankind's relationship with the awesome power of fire.
Testimonial Martha Stewart
Testimonial Martha Stewart 5/5 stars I love this grill - it's made of half-inch carbon steel and corten "weathering" steel with a cooktop that heats from the center out.
Testimonial Steven Raichlen
Testimonial Steven Raichlen 5/5 stars It looks like a Claus Oldenburg sculpture. It functions like a wood burning grill & plancha. It's great for steak, fragile fish, veggies and everything in between.

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