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Grilled Rotisserie Turkey on the Grill

Grilled Rotisserie Turkey on the Grill

Grilled Rotisserie Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving

Come gather around the flame to cook a delicious herb-rubbed turkey on the Arteflame 40 using our new rotisserie kit!
Before we get started, you'll need to brine the turkey the day before Thanksgiving. This will help lock in juices and speed up cooking time. You can buy a brining kit at your local grocery store. The kit should come with the brine mix and a brine bag.

What you’ll need
1-gallon warm waterPre-packaged brine mix & bag1 gallon cold/ice water


Dissolve brine mix in warm water. Add in ice water to cool down mix. Take neck and giblets out of turkey and place turkey in brine bag. Pour in brine water. Refrigerate overnight. Remove bird place in a bowl for 1 – 2 hours before cooking.


Before cooking the turkey…
stuff it with fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary, and sage.Wrap wings/bird with twine to hold wing tips down so they don’t burn.Rub bird with butter, then coat with Greek seasoning.

Grilled Rotisserie Turkey1

Let's get cookin'

Insert rod for rotisserie. Mount on 2nd rung when the grill is hot.Turn on rotisserie and let cook for 1 – 1 ½ hours before checking. To check temp, insert meat thermometer into the deepest part of the breast.Final breast temp should be 170 degrees.

For more Thanksgiving recipes watch our video HERE.

These are some of the products we use in this recipe:

The Grill


Meats and Fish

The Seasonings

Pots and Pans


The Grill Grate Riser

The Food Saver

The Scraper

The Seasoning Puck

The Fuel Saver

The Charcoal

The Firewood

The Lighter

1 comment

that rotisserie is great!!! can I get one for my weber insert? Also ,, I like the raised center grill, so I can add wood while cooking. Can I get thet in my size?

thank you


gary fife

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Testimonial Forbes
Testimonial Forbes 4.7/5 stars The Arteflame will be the food and fun focal point of any backyard and is equally at home on a prepared surface or grass lawn.
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Testimonial Barbecue Bible 5/5 stars If the mythic gods of fire had an earthly temple, the Arteflame grill could serve as it's baptismal font. Its design, at once primeval and modern, symbolizes mankind's relationship with the awesome power of fire.
Testimonial Martha Stewart
Testimonial Martha Stewart 5/5 stars I love this grill - it's made of half-inch carbon steel and corten "weathering" steel with a cooktop that heats from the center out.
Testimonial Steven Raichlen
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Ready to grill like a steakhouse chef?

Experience steakhouse-quality grilling with the beautifully designed Arteflame grill, where you can cook all your food at once, infuse it with authentic wood fire flavor, and entertain guests simultaneously.

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