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Vegan Crispy Tofu Bacon Burger on the Grill

Vegan Crispy Tofu Bacon Burger on the Grill

Vegan Crispy Tofu Bacon Burger: Grill marinated tofu slices on the Arteflame for a smoky flavor, pair with a tangy grilled coleslaw mix, and layer on toasted bread with sweet apple and maple syrup.


1 14oz packet of Firm Organic Tofu 

Half a cup of balsamic vinegar

2 tablespoons of maple syrup

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

spice mix; oregano, thyme, paprika, black pepper, garlic powder, salt.


Cut the Tofu into 1/4" thick slices.  Lay the slices out in a single layer.  Press the tofu between two laters of pieces of paper towels to take out as much moisture as possible.  Then marinate the tofu for one hour or overnight. Then place the tofu on your Arteflame grill preferably on the outer ring first. Grill both sides about 2 to 3 minutes each. Then put on direct heat for a more smokey flavor. 

Next take your coleslaw mix of choice and add to this: 

A half a cup of sugar, lime juice, salt and pepper. Place the coleslaw mixture directly on the Arteflame grill, preferably on the outer ring. Toss to coat the mixture for about 3 to 4 minutes. Add some fresh lime juice and chopped cilantro at the end.

Now it’s time to Layer your Tofu Bacon Burger. 

Take the slices of grilled bread and add to them your lettuce, grilled coleslaw mix and crispy tofu bacon. To that you can optionally add sliced sweet apple and a couple tablespoons of maple syrup. 


These are some of the products we use in this recipe:

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Testimonial Forbes
Testimonial Forbes 4.7/5 stars The Arteflame will be the food and fun focal point of any backyard and is equally at home on a prepared surface or grass lawn.
Testimonial Barbecue Bible
Testimonial Barbecue Bible 5/5 stars If the mythic gods of fire had an earthly temple, the Arteflame grill could serve as it's baptismal font. Its design, at once primeval and modern, symbolizes mankind's relationship with the awesome power of fire.
Testimonial Martha Stewart
Testimonial Martha Stewart 5/5 stars I love this grill - it's made of half-inch carbon steel and corten "weathering" steel with a cooktop that heats from the center out.
Testimonial Steven Raichlen
Testimonial Steven Raichlen 5/5 stars It looks like a Claus Oldenburg sculpture. It functions like a wood burning grill & plancha. It's great for steak, fragile fish, veggies and everything in between.

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Experience steakhouse-quality grilling with the beautifully designed Arteflame grill, where you can cook all your food at once, infuse it with authentic wood fire flavor, and entertain guests simultaneously.

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