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Marshmallow S'mores on the grill

Marshmallow S'mores on the grill
Marshmallow S'mores on the grill in a stack

Discover the Joy of S'mores on the Arteflame Grill - Perfect for Kids and Family Fun!

Marshmallow S'mores on the grill in child hands


Graham Crackers, 2 per S'more
Chocolate Bars (or Nutella)
Marshmallows, 1 Large per S'more



There's hardly anything that spells fun for kids (and adults!) quite like the classic delight of making S'mores. And what better way to enjoy this timeless treat than grilling them on the Arteflame grill? Combining the rustic charm of outdoor cooking with the excitement of creating a sweet, gooey masterpiece, the Arteflame grill offers an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Here's What You Need:

  1. Arteflame Grill: The centerpiece of our S'mores adventure. Its unique design not only cooks your food to perfection but also provides an ideal surface for S'mores making.

  2. Marshmallows: Large, fluffy marshmallows are essential for that perfect melt.

  3. Chocolate Bars: Choose your favorite – milk, dark, or even flavored chocolate for a twist.

  4. Graham Crackers: The classic base for any S'more.

  5. Toppings and Extras (optional): Sprinkles, peanut butter, fruit slices, or any other favorite toppings to add a personal touch to your S'mores.

With the Arteflame grill, making S'mores becomes more than just a treat; it's an event that brings everyone together. Gather around the warmth of the grill, watch as the marshmallows turn a golden brown, and enjoy the laughter and joy that comes with creating and sharing these delicious treats. Happy grilling!

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