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Ribeye Steaks on the Grill

succulent, big juicy ribeye steak, freshly taken off the grill

I'm asked all the time what the secret is to spectacular ribeye steaks on the grill.  Here is the secret list of what it takes to make your ribeye award winning...


1Lb. Ribeye Steaks (1/2 to 1 per person / use your judgement)
Head Country Marinade
Butcher BBQ Phosphate TR
Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ Beef Championship Rub
Accent Flavor Enhancer
Rosemary twigs bundled together into a small brush (for basting on the butter)

(the ingredients above can be substituted to what you have at home already.  The results will be just about identical so just use what you have.)


Put some aluminum foil on a cookie sheet and lay the steaks on it.  (for easy clean-up)

Pour some marinade on the steaks and rub it on evenly, coating the steaks.  Then sprinkle them lightly with Butcher Phosphate, Accent and the Rub.  Pat them down, lightly pushing the seasons into the steaks.  Turn the steaks over and repeat.  Cover them with aluminum foil and put them in the fridge for 45 - 60 mins.  This gives all the ingredients a chance to get into the meat.

Melt the butter in a small dish so it is easy to apply to the steaks using the rosemary brush.  We will be using this to baste the steaks when we sear them.

Fire up your Arteflame and get it ready for grilling.  Add the center grill grate to get it nice and hot for the final sear.  We will be using the "reverse sear" technique where we cook the steaks first, then finish them off with a sear.

Add some cooking oil to the Arteflame cooktop and put the steaks directly on it.  Periodically turn them over to cook and brown them evenly until the internal temperature is 105F - 110F.  Now move them onto the grill grate for the final sear.

(If your grill isn't up to temperature yet, you can still put the steaks on the cooktop and get them up to temperature slowly while the grills heats up.  Just make sure the grill grate is hot enough for the final sear.)

Turn the steaks over every minute or so and baste them with the melted butter every time you do so.  The grill grate is very hot and it is easy to overcook the steaks! Take the steaks off as soon as the internal temperature approaches 120F.  They will continue cooking slightly after you take them off reaching the perfect internal temperature of 130F.

Let them rest for at least 5 minutes.


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