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Mastering Steak Doneness on Arteflame Grill: Touch Test Method Guide

Testing steak temperature by pressing on it
Learn to perfectly grill steaks on your Arteflame using the intuitive touch test. This method ensures every steak, from rare to well-done, retains its juiciness, enhancing your communal grilling experience.

Mastering Steak Doneness on the Arteflame Grill: The Touch Method


Grilling the perfect steak on your Arteflame grill is an art and a science. It's about more than just flavor; it's about bringing people together. With its unique design, the Arteflame allows for communal cooking, perfect for gathering with family and friends. But how do you ensure everyone's steak is cooked just the way they like it? The answer lies in the power of touch.

The Power of Touch:

Cooking on the Arteflame is a delightful experience, allowing meat to be cooked to various temperatures without losing the essence of communal engagement. The flat or plancha part of the Arteflame ensures that steaks can reach medium-well to well-done without becoming dry, retaining their juicy flavors.

Why Choose the Touch Test?

While a meat thermometer is a common tool, the touch test allows you to gauge doneness without piercing the meat and losing precious juices. It's a more intuitive and engaging method, especially when cooking in a social setting.


How to Perform the Touch Test:

  1. Raw Meat Test:

    • Open your left hand, palm up. Gently press the fleshy area just above your wrist with your right index finger. This softness is similar to raw meat.
  2. Rare:

    • Touch your left forefinger to your thumb. Now press the same part of your hand again. It should feel slightly firmer, similar to the texture of rare steak.
  3. Medium Rare:

    • Connect your left middle finger to your thumb. The pad of your thumb will feel firmer, mimicking the feel of a medium-rare steak.
  4. Medium Well:

    • Touch your left ring finger to your thumb. The increased firmness at the thumb pad is what you should expect for medium-well steak.
  5. Well Done:

    • Press your left pinkie to your thumb. The firmness at the thumb pad now resembles the texture of a well-done steak.


Grilling on an Arteflame brings people together in a unique culinary experience. This holiday season, as you gather around the warmth of your Arteflame, use the touch test to cook steaks to perfection. Happy grilling, Arteflame style!

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