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Grilled Spiced Sidecar Cocktail Recipe on Arteflame Grill

Grilled Spiced Sidecar Cocktail Recipe on Arteflame Grill

Discover the enhanced flavors of a classic cocktail with this Spiced Sidecar recipe, uniquely prepared on an Arteflame grill. Infusing cognac with spices and grilling lemon slices elevate this drink, blending tradition with a smoky twist. Perfect for any occasion, this cocktail promises a memorable experience. Dive into the method of infusing cognac with cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, and ginger on your Arteflame grill, followed by the art of crafting the perfect Spiced Sidecar. Whether you're a cocktail aficionado or new to mixology, this recipe is a must-try for an exquisite blend of warmth, spice, and citrus.

  • 2 tbsp caster sugar (or regular sugar)
  • Lemon slices for grilling
  • 25ml lemon juice, plus a wedge for rimming the glass
  • 50ml spiced cognac or brandy (infusion instructions below)
  • 25ml Cointreau
  • Spiced Cognac ingredients: 4 bruised cardamom pods, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 star anise, 2 small slices of peeled ginger, 200ml cognac
  • Optional: Rim glasses with @psseasonings P.I.G. rub for extra flavor
  1. For spiced cognac, combine spices, ginger, and cognac in a pot on a low-heat area of the Arteflame. Warm gently for 30-45 minutes to infuse flavors without boiling.
  2. Sugar the rim of a small coupe glass by running a lemon wedge around it, then dipping in sugar.
  3. Grill lemon slices on the Arteflame until caramelized.
  4. Shake spiced cognac, lemon juice, and Cointreau with ice in a cocktail shaker.
  5. Strain into the sugared glass and garnish with a grilled lemon slice.

This drink, prepared on an Arteflame grill, not only brings a smoky depth to your cocktail hour but showcases the grill's versatility beyond traditional barbecuing. Enjoy crafting this elevated Spiced Sidecar, perfect for impressing guests or treating yourself to a sophisticated grilled twist on a timeless classic.


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