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A detailed comparison

Big Green Egg vs Arteflame

When deciding between a Big Green Egg and an Arteflame grill, it's essential to consider what features will elevate your outdoor cooking experience. The Arteflame excels not only as a versatile grill but also as an elegant piece of art, blending functionality with striking aesthetics. In contrast to the Big Green Egg, which is tailored for specific cooking tasks, the Arteflame offers an expansive range of cooking methods—from grilling and searing to sautéing, and even supports additional accessories like a rotisserie and pizza oven. This guide highlights why Arteflame is the superior choice, providing you with the flexibility to explore various culinary techniques and truly enhance your outdoor dining adventures.

Big Green Egg vs Arteflame

Why Arteflame is chosen over Big Green Egg

  1. Steakhouse Temperature Searing: Arteflame grills sear at over 1,000F° for perfect steakhouse quality steaks.
  2. Grill All Food Simultaneously: Arteflame grills shine in their versatility. All foods can be grilled at the same time.
  3. Stunning Design: Arteflame grills, are designed to be the centerpiece off your back yard.
  4. Yes! Size Matters: The Arteflame invites everyone to participate in the fun.
  5. Versatile Cooking Options: With the optional Cordless Rotisserie, Pizza Oven and various other add-ons.

Social Grill with Stunning design

The Arteflame grill not only excels in performance but also stands out as a centerpiece of social gatherings with its stunning design. This grill is crafted to encourage communal cooking, where everyone can participate in grilling their own sizzling delights, surrounded by savory aromas. Each Arteflame unit is a bespoke work of art, adding a touch of unique elegance to any backyard setting. Whether it's fired up for a feast or cooling down after, its distinctive presence enhances outdoor spaces, transforming them into inviting venues for entertainment and relaxation. Choose the Arteflame for an unparalleled blend of beauty and functionality, making every outdoor event memorable.

  • Arteflame Social Grill

    The Arteflame beckons with its welcoming design, inviting all to partake in the joy of grilling. With its open layout, everyone can join in, delighting in the sizzle, flames, and savory scents. It fosters a communal atmosphere, making grilling a shared pleasure.

  • Arteflame Stunning Design

    Every Arteflame is a unique masterpiece, expertly crafted to be the focal point of any backyard. Whether in use or not, they stand as singular centerpieces, elevating the overall aesthetic with their individuality, becoming the highlight of outdoor gatherings and leisure moments.

  • Big Green Egg Closed Lit
    Big Green Egg

    The Big Green Egg may be functional for cooking, but it falls short when it comes to entertaining. Lacking in visual appeal, it's often hidden away rather than featured prominently, unlike more aesthetically pleasing options. Its closed design also obscures the grilling process, which can isolate the cook from the rest of the group, turning what could be a social activity into a solitary chore. Furthermore, its utilitarian look does little to enhance the ambiance of outdoor gatherings, making it less ideal as a centerpiece in any backyard social setting.

Achieve Steakhouse Sizzle and Pizzeria Perfection with Advanced Airflow Technology

Steakhouse Searing due to Unique Airflow

Arteflame grills truly set themselves apart from the Big Green Egg with their superior airflow technology. This innovative design efficiently directs air right into the combustion chamber, allowing for intense heat levels over 1,000°F with just the right touch of smoke. This capability makes searing steaks not just possible but effortless, replicating a high-end steakhouse grilling experience right in your own backyard. With Arteflame, you can achieve flawless searing, perfectly locking in the juices for that rare or medium-rare perfection every steak lover dreams of. Discover the ultimate in grilling excellence with Arteflame—where every meal becomes a gourmet event.

  • The Arteflame internal airflow system

    Arteflame grills outshine Big Green Egg with an innovative airflow system, directing air straight to the combustion chamber, heating it intensely and minimizing smoke. Searing steaks at over 1,000°F becomes effortless, providing a steakhouse-grade grilling adventure from the comfort of home.

  • Arteflame Searing Steakhouse Steak

    Experience steakhouse-quality steaks in your backyard with Arteflame, reaching 1,000F+ for perfect searing. Why the extreme heat? It locks in juices, essential for rare/medium rare steaks without overcooking. Only 1,000F+ delivers that ideal sear while preserving the interior's tenderness.

  • Big Green Egg One Temperature
    Big Green Egg

    The Big Green Egg's design, featuring a single cooking chamber, forces all food to cook at the same temperature, which is far from ideal when preparing a variety of dishes. For instance, searing meat effectively maximized the Green Egg's temperatures around 750°F, a setting that would mercilessly char most vegetables. This limitation often necessitates the use of a stovetop or oven for items that can't withstand high heat, complicating the cooking process, especially during large gatherings where menu diversity is crucial. Such constraints make the Big Green Egg a less favorable option for hosts who aim to offer a rich array of dishes.

Grill All Food Simultaneously

The Arteflame grill's design is truly a masterpiece of culinary engineering, offering an unmatched range of temperatures from over 1,000°F at the grate to a gentle 250°F at the edges. This gradient allows for precise heat control, providing uniform heat distribution that minimizes flare-ups and prevents food from burning. It ensures a consistent sizzle across the entire cooking surface. Adding to its unique features, the Arteflame includes an innovative "Food Saver" attachment that secures to the center of the grill, preventing any spills and enhancing the flavor with rich wood-fired aromas. This blend of versatility and user-friendly innovations sets Arteflame apart as a leader in the grilling industry, making it an exceptional choice for both novice cooks and seasoned grill masters.

  • Arteflame

    The grill grate's exceptional heat of over 1,000°F is just the beginning. With the entire cooktop ranging from 450°F near the grate to 250°F at the edges, it ensures uniform heat for all your grilling needs. Its solid design prevents flare-ups and burnt food, guaranteeing perfect sizzle every time.

  • Arteflame Food Saver

    Arteflame's exclusive Food Saver, absent in Big Green Egg grills, anchors to the cooktop's center, preventing food spillage while using the grill grate riser. It retains warmth, enriches wood essence, and solidifies Arteflame's edge in innovation and ease of use.

  • Big Green Egg Nothing but Meat
    Big Green Egg

    The Big Green Egg features a design with significant limitations, particularly its raised grill grate that sits above the flame due to airflow constraints. This setup starkly contrasts with the Arteflame's direct heat design, where the grate is closer to the fire, crucial for achieving that perfect sear meat lovers crave. Such proximity to intense heat is simply not possible with the Big Green Egg's configuration. Moreover, the Green Egg's design doesn't allow for cooking an entire meal simultaneously, which can be a major drawback when trying to manage multiple dishes at once. This limits the grill's practicality and efficiency, especially when catering to larger groups or preparing complex meals.

Yes! Size Matters

When it comes to hosting and entertaining, the size of your grill plays a pivotal role. The Arteflame boasts the largest spun bowl in America, coupled with a massive 40" cooktop that offers almost twice the cooking area of the Big Green Egg. This expansive surface allows you to grill an array of dishes simultaneously, making the Arteflame not just a grill but the ultimate entertaining centerpiece. Whether you're hosting a large party or a family gathering, the Arteflame ensures that every guest is served hot, delicious food without the wait. For those who love to entertain, the Arteflame is an indispensable tool in creating memorable outdoor dining experiences.

  • Arteflame

    Crafted from a solitary piece of Corten steel, the Arteflame fire bowl boasts a seamless, weld-free design, shaped through spinning for an exclusive organic form. Its removable fire base ensures effortless cleaning, while an inner ring adds durability and facilitates safe handling, even when hot.

  • Arteflame

    Arteflame offers 30” grills in two designs. Both boast a robust solid steel cooktop with central grill grates, ensuring interchangeability of accessories. Standing at 30” tall, they require no additional stands or tables, simplifying your outdoor cooking experience.

  • Big Green Egg Ceramic Body and Stand
    Big Green Egg

    Crafted from ceramic, the Big Green Egg is renowned for its durability, yet it lacks in size, especially when it comes to hosting larger gatherings. Its 2XL model, measuring 29 inches, offers only 660 square inches of cooking space. This is slightly less than what you get with Arteflame’s 30-inch model at 710 square inches, and nearly half of the grilling space provided by the expansive Arteflame 40-inch model, which boasts 1,257 square inches. For those who often entertain or cook for larger crowds, the relatively modest size of the Big Green Egg may prove to be a limitation.

Versatile Cooking Options

Every Arteflame has lots of grilling options that make it so versatile. The Grill Grate Riser lifts food for a smokier flavor and maintains warmth, perfect for gentle cooking. Also available are the optional Pizza Oven and the Cordless Rotisserie. Combine it with the Arteflame food saver to prevent food from falling into the fire, ensuring both safety and convenience for a versatile grilling adventure.

  • Arteflame rotisserie

    Arteflame's rotisserie, surpassing Big Green Egg grills, effortlessly attaches to the accessory ring. Its wireless motor accommodates 25lbs, ideal for meats and fish, elevating Arteflame's adaptability and expanding culinary possibilities, enriching the outdoor cooking adventure.

  • Arteflame Pizza Oven

    The pizza oven seamlessly integrates with the cooktop, facilitating effortless pizza insertion and retrieval. Its open-front design allows for clear monitoring, ensuring perfection with every bake. With temperatures surpassing 1,000°F (559°C), it replicates the pizzeria experience, delivering impeccable crust!

  • Big Green Egg

    The Arteflame grill outshines the Big Green Egg with its versatile cooking zones, making it the superior choice for multi-dish grilling. Unlike the Big Green Egg, which is optimized for cooking one dish at a time due to a single temperature zone, the Arteflame features a unique design that includes a central grate that reaches higher temperatures ideal for searing. Additionally, its surrounding cooktop supports multiple temperatures simultaneously. This capability allows for more flexible and efficient grilling, enabling you to perfectly prepare multiple dishes at once.

The Arteflame Experience

Achieve flawless 1,000°F sears. Savor steakhouse perfection with the Arteflame grill, infusing dishes with exquisite wood fire flavors. Transform grilling into a regal culinary art with our grills, griddles and accessories/