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A detailed comparison

Breeo vs Arteflame

Arteflame uses efficient manufacturing to offer competitive prices. Compared to Breeo, Arteflame products are consistently less expensive with equal or better build quality, and all grills are made in the USA. Customer feedback is continuously evaluated and shared among management and factory personnel to enhance product development and manufacturing. This ongoing feedback loop helps us constantly improve our products and the overall customer experience. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets Arteflame apart, ensuring we provide the best value and performance in every grill we make.

Breeo vs Arteflame

Why Arteflame is chosen over Breeo

  1. Steakhouse Temperature Searing: Arteflame grills sear at over 1,000F° for perfect steakhouse quality steaks.
  2. Stunning Design: Arteflame grills, are designed to be the centerpiece off your back yard.
  3. Many Optional Accessories: Lile the Food Saver and Rotisserie
  4. Attachable SIde Tables: Providing extra space around the grill.
  5. Versatile Cooking Options: With the optional Cordless Rotisserie, Pizza Oven and various other add-ons.

Steakhouse Searing due to Unique Airflow

Arteflame grills stand out from Breeo with superior airflow technology that directs air into the combustion chamber, reaching intense heat levels over 1,000°F with a touch of smoke. This design allows effortless searing of steaks, replicating a high-end steakhouse experience in your backyard. Arteflame ensures flawless searing, locking in juices for perfect rare or medium-rare steaks. With Arteflame, grilling becomes a gourmet event, delivering exceptional results every time. Experience the ultimate in grilling excellence with Arteflame, where every meal transforms into a gourmet event for steak lovers, making every cookout extraordinary.

  • The Arteflame internal airflow system

    Arteflame grills outshine Breeo with an innovative airflow system that directs air to the combustion chamber, ensuring intense heat and minimal smoke. Effortlessly searing steaks at over 1,000°F, Arteflame provides a steakhouse-quality grilling experience right at home, making every cookout extraordinary.

  • Perfectly seared steak

    Enjoy steakhouse-quality steaks at home with Arteflame, which heats over 1,000°F for perfect searing. This extreme heat locks in juices, ensuring rare or medium-rare steaks stay tender without overcooking. Only at 1,000°F+ can you achieve the ideal sear while maintaining the interior's tenderness.

  • Breeo smokeless fire pit

    The Breeo, a smokeless fire pit, is challenging for grilling. The "Searplate Griddle" and optional "Outpost Grill" convert it into a grill, but excessive heat makes timing difficult, often resulting in burnt food. Unlike Arteflame cooktops, the flat Searplate Griddle causes grease to drip outside.

Achieve Steakhouse Sizzle and Pizzeria Perfection with Advanced Airflow Technology

Social Grill with Stunning design

The Arteflame grill excels in performance and serves as a social centerpiece with its stunning design. Crafted for communal cooking, it allows everyone to grill their own delights while enjoying savory aromas. Each Arteflame is a bespoke work of art, adding unique elegance to any backyard. Whether fired up for a feast or cooling down after use, it enhances outdoor spaces, creating inviting venues for entertainment and relaxation. Choose the Arteflame for an unparalleled blend of beauty and functionality, transforming every outdoor event into a memorable occasion.

  • Arteflame Social Grill

    The Arteflame's inviting design brings everyone together for the joy of grilling. Its open layout allows all to participate, enjoying the sizzle, flames, and savory aromas. It creates a communal atmosphere, making grilling a shared and delightful experience for everyone involved.

  • Arteflame Stunning Design

    Each Arteflame is a unique masterpiece, crafted to be the focal point of any backyard. In use or not, they stand as striking centerpieces, enhancing the overall aesthetic with their individuality. They become the highlight of outdoor gatherings and leisure moments, making every space more inviting.

  • Breeo design fire pit

    The Breeo, designed as a smokeless fire pit rather than a grill, is often too hot for grilling. Additionally, its lack of visual appeal means it's frequently hidden away, unlike more aesthetically pleasing options that are prominently displayed. Grilling on the Breeo was an afterthought.

Arteflame Accessory Ring allows for many Options

The Arteflame Accessory Ring offers versatile options. It enables the center grill grate to align flush with the cooktop, enhancing the cooking surface. Additionally, it supports the use of optional accessories like the Food Saver, Grill Grate Riser and Rotisserie. This functionality makes the accessory ring an essential addition, providing flexibility and convenience for various grilling needs. Its design ensures that all components fit seamlessly, improving the overall cooking experience. Whether for grilling or resting, the accessory ring is a practical and valuable addition to any Arteflame setup.

  • Arteflame Food Saver

    Arteflame's exclusive Food Saver, absent in Breeo grills, anchors to the cooktop's center, preventing food spillage when using the grill grate riser. It retains heat, enhances wood flavor, and solidifies Arteflame's advantage in both innovation and ease of use.

  • Arteflame rotisserie

    Arteflame's rotisserie, surpassing Breeo grills, effortlessly attaches to the accessory ring. Its wireless motor supports 25 lbs, perfect for meats and fish. This addition enhances Arteflame's adaptability and expands culinary possibilities, enriching the outdoor cooking experience for enthusiasts.

  • Breeo

    The Breeo lacks built-in grilling accessories such as flush grill grates, risers, rotisserie, or a pizza oven. It offers the "Searplate" and "Outpost Grill" for impromptu grilling, but there's no space or availability for traditional grilling accessories or additional fun add-ons.

Attachable Side Tables

Every Arteflame grill can have side tables mounted for added convenience. These Grill Side Warming Tables attach underneath the cooktop and securely lock in place, providing extra space around the grill. They are perfect for keeping food warm or holding light items such as spatulas, tongs, and other grilling tools. These tables enhance your grilling experience by offering additional room for preparation and storage, ensuring that everything you need is within reach while you cook. With these side tables, your Arteflame grill becomes even more versatile and user-friendly, making outdoor cooking more enjoyable and efficient.

  • Arteflame Grill Side Warming Table - Arteflame Outdoor Charcoal Grill Griddle Combination.

    The ring inside every Arteflame adds extra strength and allows for mounting accessories on the grill's exterior, such as warming side tables. Each table covers 90 degrees, so up to four can be mounted for a complete wrap-around. This design enhances the grill's functionality and convenience.

  • Arteflame Grill Side Warming Table - Arteflame Outdoor Charcoal Grill Griddle Combination.

    Arteflame side tables can be arranged in 90-degree modules, offering versatility. They slide under the cooktop, locking onto the centering ring and are secured by the cooktop's weight. Made of stainless steel, they are durable and can be left outside year-round. Use only what you need easily.

  • Breeo no side tables

    The Breeo lacks attachable side tables, offering no space for grilling utensils, spices, food, or drinks. Especially when grilling while seated, like in the picture, it's essential to have a place to set things. Nobody wants to put everything on the floor, making it inconvenient and messy.

Versatile Cooking Options

Arteflame grills provide various versatile cooking options. The Grill Grate Riser lifts food for a smokier flavor and keeps it warm, perfect for gentle cooking. Additional accessories include a Pizza Oven and Cordless Rotisserie. Grilling pizza on the Arteflame is particularly popular, offering a delightful wood smoke flavor. These features make Arteflame grills adaptable for different culinary preferences and enhance the overall grilling experience. Whether you’re cooking meat, vegetables, or pizza, the Arteflame’s design and accessories ensure a flavorful and enjoyable cooking process.

  • Giant juicy hamburger with cheese and sauce

    The Grill Grate Riser elevates food for a smokier flavor and helps maintain warmth, making it perfect for gentle cooking. It easily attaches to the cooktop's accessory ring, enhancing your grilling experience by providing better heat distribution and improved flavor without any hassle. Enjoy perfectly cooked meals with this simple addition.

  • Extra cheese pizza

    The pizza oven seamlessly integrates with the cooktop, facilitating effortless pizza insertion and retrieval. Its open-front design allows for clear monitoring, ensuring perfection with every bake. With temperatures surpassing 1,000°F (559°C), it replicates the pizzeria experience, delivering impeccable crust!

  • Breeo Pizza Oven

    Breeo's optional pizza oven is heavy, requiring at least two people to move it. It sits far above the fire, taking a long time to heat up and not reaching the 1,000°F needed for an ideal pizza crust. In contrast, the Arteflame pizza oven achieves these optimal conditions for authentic, perfectly crisped pizza.

The Arteflame Experience

Achieve flawless 1,000°F sears. Savor steakhouse perfection with the Arteflame grill, infusing dishes with exquisite wood fire flavors. Transform grilling into a regal culinary art with our grills, griddles and accessories/