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Arteflame  |  SKU: AF40EUROHB-S

Arteflame XXL 40" Flat Top Grill - High Euro Base

Experience unparalleled grilling

Arteflame's Classic 40" Flat Top Grill with its unique design offers dynamic heat distribution for perfect meals, durable construction for longevity and transforms grilling into a social event, elevating every outdoor gathering.


All Arteflame grills come with a 3 years warranty for full peace of mind.


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  • Model
    Arteflame 40" Διασκεδαστικός
  • Material
    Χάλυβας Corten υψηλής ποιότητας
  • Grill Type
    Κάρβουνα, με την ευελιξία του ψησίματος και του ψησίματος
  • Cooktop
    Σχεδίαση επίπεδης κορυφής από συμπαγές χάλυβα
  • Diameter
  • Height
    Ύψος 40", το μπολ φωτιάς μπορεί να αφαιρεθεί από τη βάση για να χρησιμοποιηθεί ως αυτόνομη εστία
  • Weight
    Ελαφρύ για εύκολη μεταφορά
  • Assembly
    Απαιτείται ελάχιστη συναρμολόγηση. σχεδιασμένο για εύκολη εγκατάσταση
  • Warranty
    3 χρόνια περιορισμένη εγγύηση


  • Sasoning Puck
  • Κεντρική σχάρα
  • 2 Αξεσουάρ+
  • Rotisserie
  • Ανοξείδωτο κεντρικό καπάκι
  • Ξύστρα γκριλ
  • 5 Αξεσουάρ+
  • Φούρνος πίτσας
  • Κάλυμμα βινυλίου
  • Ψηφωτή σχάρα σχάρας
  • Εξοικονόμηση τροφίμων
  • Αναπτήρας Looft X

Arteflame Classic 40" With High Euro Base Flat Top Grill Starter Bundle

deliciously seared grilled steak

Steakhouse-Quality Searing at Home

Elevate your home grilling with the ability to achieve those elusive 1,000°F+ sears. The Arteflame Classic 40" Flat Top Grill lets you transform ordinary steaks into gourmet delights, boasting that crisp, steakhouse-style outer layer while retaining a succulently juicy interior.

A Symphony of Grilling Excellence

Introducing the Arteflame Classic 40" Flat Top Grill with High Euro Base – your gateway to unparalleled grilling adventures. This complete starter bundle not only offers a magnificent Flat Top Grill but also includes essential accessories.

Unmatched Craftsmanship and Durability

The Arteflame's flat cooktop is crafted from 1/2" carbon steel and the rest of the grill is made entirely from US CORTEN "weathering" steel; the Arteflame Flat Top Grill is built to last. Its high Euro base, sculpted in elegant design lines, combines luxury with resilience, making it a timeless addition to any outdoor space.

Arteflame's precision airflow system

Masterful searing, optimal grilling, unmatched control.

A Complete Culinary Experience

With the Arteflame's dynamic heat distribution, grill an entire feast to perfection. Each dish is infused with a rich, smokey flavor, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Transformative Flat Top Grilling and Socializing

Arteflame redefines grilling as a social event. It seamlessly transitions from a high-performance flat top grill to a captivating fire bowl, fostering gatherings and celebrations. Its form and function are unparalleled, with CORTEN steel legs that not only provide stability but also add artistic flair to your backyard.

Elevate Every Outdoor Event

The Arteflame Classic 40" Flat Top Grill is not just about cooking; it's about creating unforgettable moments. Dive into the realm of five-star grilling and craft memories with every sizzle. With Arteflame, you're not just grilling – you're curating exceptional dining experiences.

It looks like a Claus Oldenburg sculpture. It functions like a wood burning grill & plancha. It's great for steak, fragile fish, veggies and everything in between.

Steven Raichlen

Award-winning cookbook author & BBQ Guru