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Weber Flat Top Grill Griddle

Transform Your Grilling Experience

The Best Grill Griddle for Your Weber

Is your Weber Grill feeling a bit lackluster? Elevate it with Arteflame's top-of-the-line flat top griddle – the ultimate accessory for any Weber Grill enthusiast. Our flat top griddle is more than just an upgrade; it's a revolution in the way you grill.

Unlock culinary possibilities with the Arteflame flat top. Grill gourmet steaks and explore barbecue styles with our insert, expanding your grilling repertoire with new flavors and techniques. More than an accessory, it transforms your Weber grill into a versatile station. Discover Arteflame's Weber Griddle Flat Cooktop, the ultimate grilling game-changer. Join over 15,000 satisfied customers who call it the "best accessory for Weber grills." Proudly made in the USA, Arteflame Weber flat top grills and griddles are crafted to enhance variety. Grill seafood, steaks, burgers, and vegetables on this versatile platform.

Top 5 Reasons To Get An Arteflame Insert

  • Unmatched Steak Quality: Arteflame flat top griddle delivers exceptional steak grilling. Turn your backyard into a steakhouse with superior technology.
  • Ease of Use and Perfect Results: Arteflame griddles are user-friendly, prevent burning, and ensure restaurant-quality grilling at home, every single time.
  • Durable American Craftsmanship: Made from solid US steel, Arteflame griddles are robust, easy to clean, and built for longevity.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Arteflame carbon steel flat tops distribute heat evenly, providing predictable, superior grilling for perfectly grilled meals every time.
  • Larger Grilling Surface, Uncompromised Quality: Arteflame griddles offer a larger surface with carbon steel, preventing cracking or breaking, ensuring ample grilling space and quality.
Perfectly fitted Arteflame griddle on Recteq Grill

Carbon Steel vs. Cast Iron

Many manufacturers prefer cast iron for its lower cost, but it has significant drawbacks. Cast iron flat top griddles suffer from uneven heat distribution, leading to unpredictable cooking times and inconsistent results. Additionally, cast iron is brittle, increasing the risk of breakage and reducing the lifespan of your griddle.

In contrast, Arteflame uses premium US carbon steel for our cooktops, reflecting our commitment to quality and superior grilling performance. Carbon steel ensures even heat distribution, reliable cooking times, and uniformly cooked meals. Its resilience means your Arteflame griddle remains robust and durable, outlasting traditional cast iron griddle grill flat cooktops. Choose Arteflame for reliable, excellent grilling.

Best option for my Weber Grill!!!

Amazing!! vegetables and fish and many other item can be grill on the flat top while still using the grill for searing my steaks with some grill marks.

Greg B.

United States

Giant juicy hamburger with cheese and sauce

Transform Your Weber Grill into a Culinary Masterpiece with Arteflame

Elevate your Weber Grill with Arteflame, a quintessentially American brand from Ohio. Each Arteflame flat top griddle is meticulously designed and engineered in Ohio, USA, embodying a commitment to superior quality and craftsmanship.

At Arteflame, we use top-grade US steel, ensuring each piece is cleaned, rinsed, and scale-free. The steel is then laser-cut, wiped, and polished to meet the highest standards of excellence. This dedication to quality guarantees a durable and efficient griddle that enhances your grilling experience.

With Arteflame, you’re not just grilling – you’re creating culinary masterpieces backed by American ingenuity. Experience unparalleled grilling with Arteflame's American-made excellence. Embrace the artistry and quality that define Arteflame's commitment to exceptional grilling.

Perfectly grilled ribeye steak

Food Grade Quality Steel Free from Cadmium and Harmful Chemicals

At Arteflame, our American-made flat top griddles reflect our commitment to top safety and quality standards. Prioritizing healthful cooking, each Arteflame griddle is designed not only for great meals but also for your family's well-being.

Crafted from food-grade quality steel, our griddles are free from cadmium and harmful chemicals. We avoid shortcuts and inferior materials in our manufacturing process to ensure your safety.

With Arteflame, grill confidently, knowing health and safety are our priorities. Enjoy safe, healthy, and delightful grilling every time with Arteflame’s premium flat top griddles.

The Arteflame Experience

Achieve flawless 1,000°F sears. Savor steakhouse perfection with the Arteflame grill, infusing dishes with exquisite wood fire flavors. Transform grilling into a regal culinary art with our grills, griddles and accessories.