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Arteflame  |  SKU: AFBGE18SOLID

Flat Top Griddle For Green Egg

Kamado Insert Sizes
Unparalleled quality and versatility

Revolutionize your Green Egg grilling with Arteflame's tailor-made griddle. Offering unparalleled quality and versatility, it provides even heat distribution and easy cleaning, transforming your grill into a multifunctional culinary haven.


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  • Model
    אַרטעפלאַמע גרין יי סאָליד צענטער פלאַך שפּיץ גרידלע
  • Material
    הויך-קוואַליטעט טשאַד שטאָל
  • Diameter
    קאַמפּאַטאַבאַל מיט נאָרמאַל גרין יי סיזעס
  • Thickness
    1/4 אינטש פֿאַר געווער און היץ ריטענשאַן
  • Cooking Surface
    גלאַט, קעסיידערדיק פלאַך שפּיץ גרידלע אָן גרילל גראַטעס
  • Compatibility
    דיזיינד אויסשליסלעך פֿאַר גרין יי גרילז
  • Weight
    באַלאַנסט פֿאַר גרינג האַנדלינג און פעסטקייַט, ליפטינג שעפּן אַרייַנגערעכנט
  • Installation
    פּשוט און שנעל, קיין מכשירים פארלאנגט
  • Cleaning
    גרינג צו ריין מיט מינימאַל וישאַלט

all solid steel

Designed exclusively for Green Egg Grills

Designed for more than just searing meats

The absence of grill grates makes it exceptional for cooking a wide variety of vegetables, including corn, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. This design is also ideal for preparing breakfast favorites such as eggs and pancakes, and it's even suitable for dishes like paella. It's the versatile solution for all foods that benefit from a smooth, continuous cooking surface.

Enhance Your Green Egg Grilling Experience with Durable Arteflame Accessories

No More Lost Food: Say goodbye to the frustration of smaller food items slipping through the grill grates. Our Flat Top Griddle guarantees that everything from delicate vegetables to the smallest of shrimp remains securely on the cooking surface, ensuring nothing goes to waste.  Even cook Paella!

Broaden Your Grilling Menu: With the Flat Top Griddle, your Green Egg becomes a versatile cooking station, perfect for dishes that grill grates can't handle. Enjoy the freedom to effortlessly cook breakfast staples like eggs and pancakes, grill corn without losing kernels to the coals, and even delicate items that demand a flat surface.

Even Cooking, Every Time: Although it might not sear meats with the char marks of traditional grates, the Flat Top Griddle excels in providing an even, consistent heat distribution. This means perfectly cooked meals without the worry of uneven hotspots, from pancakes with golden edges to vegetables grilled to perfection.

Easy Use and Cleanup: Achieve perfection with our Green Egg Griddle's advanced design, guaranteeing even heat distribution across every inch. Say farewell to uneven cooking and hello to consistent, mouthwatering results every time.

Effortless to Use, Effortless to Clean: Designed for convenience, the Flat Top Griddle is not only easy to install but also simplifies cooking and cleanup. Its smooth surface makes flipping foods a breeze and once the grilling is done, cleaning up is as simple as wiping down the griddle.

Durability Meets Design: Crafted from high-quality materials, this Flat Top Griddle is built to last, ensuring your Green Egg is equipped for a wide range of culinary endeavors. Its solid construction means you can enjoy many meals without the wear and tear associated with traditional grill grates.

Embrace the Full Potential of Your Green Egg

The Flat Top Griddle is for those who see beyond the grill marks, recognizing the potential in every ingredient, no matter how small or delicate. It's about expanding your culinary horizon, exploring new dishes, and enjoying the simplicity of a well-cooked meal without the limitations of conventional grilling.

Transform Your Grilling Experience Today

Don't let traditional grill grates dictate your menu. Opt for the Flat Top Griddle and unlock the full potential of your Green Egg. From breakfast feasts to vegetable medleys and everything in between, make your grill the heart of every meal. Order now and step into a world where every ingredient is grilled to perfection, exactly as it should be.

Grill Not Included / Arteflame is not associated with Big Green Egg.