Arteflame One 40" Grill And Home Chef Max Bundle With 10 Grilling Accessories.

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The Home Chef Max Bundle combines the Arteflame One 40" Grill with the following 10 accessories:

1. Rotisserie
2. Pizza Oven with 18" Pizza Grate
3. Vinyl Grill Cover
4. Grill Grate
5. Grill Grate Riser
6. Stainless Center Lid
7. Food Saver
8. Seasoning Puck
9. Grill Scraper
10. Looft Lighter X

This bundle has the same accessories as the Home Chef Bundle, in addition to a Pizza Oven! Showcase your repertoire on the grill with all the tools at your ready.

EVERYTHING IN HOME CHEF BUNDLE + PIZZA OVEN and more: ROTISSERIE and PIZZA OVEN let you cook and bake a wide variety of foods, even cookies and brownies
GRILL GRATE and RISER grills seafood, burgers, steaks, veggies & more, adds fresh-grilled flavor

LOOFT LIGHTER X - Enjoy effortless fire in 60 seconds with battery power only.

SEASONING PUCK creates non-stick surface. GRILL SCRAPER of heavy-duty stainless keeps grill clean
VINYL COVER has zippers for easy, secure fit.  STAINLESS CENTER LID keeps debris out, snuffs fire
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United States United States

Love it

I finally got it seasoned right and I love it

Zackary D.
United States United States

Great set-up with some minor niggles

All in all I love the new Arteflame kit I purchased. I was even able to move the grill into place by myself (but the lid is HEAVY!). The grill and stand look great, with the exception of some of the finish on the Grill base having been marred during shipping I think so some of the "rust" is rubbed-off in one place. Hopefully it fills back out or maybe there is a way to get the patina back. I've already cooked close to a dozen different meals and have enjoyed the process very much! There are a couple things that I felt were missing though. First of all, the lifter for the grill grate has a significant amount of either slag or globs of the anti-rust/silver coating on it which, at the price of the pieces, is a bit disappointing. It works fine of course, but the finish is less than expected. I'd repeat what another reviewed mentioned in that yes, you do need to remove plastic from a number of the pieces as some of it seems straight from the laser-cutters (would be nice to have things pre-prepped though I guess), but I'd not downgrade for that. Otherwise, the pieces seem fine quality. What does seem lacking to a degree is instructions for some of the items. The food saver for example is just a flat piece of laser-cut metal that maybe needs to be bent into shape, but I'm not sure as there are no instructions for that. There is also a small piece of metal with a slot cut into it that may be used to do that bending, but again, no instructions, so I'm not sure. I haven't needed to use to food saver yet so I haven't tackled this but it seems odd that there is no instruction on what to do with these pieces. Finally, a couple suggestions for Arteflame outside of improving some of the finish and instructions. It would be great if you sold an accessory/matching vented cooking cover for placing over items to hold-in heat or smoke. I've used the top of my now retired Weber kettle grill. It works great as it has a handle and vent so you can somewhat regulate smoke and temp while helping to cook. I did a pork shoulder for 8hrs this last weekend and it worked great together. Something to do with the grill grates when removed and hot would also be awesome. Even a small 4-5" circle of metal that could be placed on the griddle surface and the hot grill placed on it would be great. I don't really want to place the hot and greasy grill directly on sections I'm not using and soil them, nor do I want to place it on the ground/grass/deck, etc. Overall a great and unique product that is a ton of fun to use and will have all your neighbors wanting to give it a try with you! Highly recommend.

Arteflame Arteflame One 40 Grill And Home Chef Max Bundle With 10 Grilling Accessories. ReviewArteflame Arteflame One 40 Grill And Home Chef Max Bundle With 10 Grilling Accessories. Review

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