Arteflame One 20" Grill And Starter Bundle With 2 Grilling Accessories.


This One 20" Starter Kit includes an Arteflame Seasoning Puck and a Center Grill Grate. This is the perfect starter Bundle for the BBQ Chef that has some skill to show off to guests.


1. Center Grill Grate. 

2. Seasoning Puck.

GRILL GRATE:  grills seafood, burgers, steaks, veggies & more, adds fresh-grilled flavor

SEASONING PUCK:  creates non-stick surface, protects the griddle's finish.

VERSATILE:  Uses both wood and / or charcoal.

NO MAINTENANCE: Designed to be left outside year-round.

MADE IN THE USA FROM US CORTEN STEEL: No Cadmium Plated Grates, No Lead Porcelain, No Breakable Cast Iron.

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