Arteflame Classic 40" Black Label Grill And Home Chef Bundle With 5 Grilling Accessories.


The Arteflame Classic 40" Grill Home Chef Bundle combines the beautiful Classic 40" charcoal grill with the following accessories:

1. Rotisserie
2. Grill Grate
3. Stainless Center Lid
4. Seasoning Puck
5. Grill Scraper

With this set of accessories, the casual home chef will be sure to impress his or her friends at the next cookout! 


ROTISSERIE cook birds or kabobs on spit or hang foods like sausages, etc. even Dutch Ovens!

GRILL GRATE grills seafood, burgers, steaks, veggies & more, adds fresh-grilled flavor

SEASONING PUCK creates non-stick surface.

GRILL SCRAPER of heavy-duty stainless keeps grill clean. 

STAINLESS CENTER LID snuffs the fire and keeps debris out.

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