There are always those people that push the boundaries.  Push the limits of what has been tried and what can be tried.  Here are the Arteflame Family Members that make up "TeamArteflame".


Melissa Reome
Melissa Reome aka Grill Momma is a food blogger, mother and a pharmacist in upstate New York.  She loves to grill on all different types of equipment ranging from live fire cooking over wood or charcoal, Kamado style cooking, on gas or pellet grills and everything in between.

However, it is live-fire cooking that truly brings her joy. Grilling on an Arteflame gives you a chance to have others join in the experience with you and this is her favorite part of owning one.  Having used an Arteflame for over 4 years, she is proud to say, it is still one of her favorite grills and is the focal point of her grill patio.

I Love My Arteflame
Joke and Bob Melis
IG: @houdvuur
HOUDVUUR (means woodfire as well as holding the fire in Dutch) is an open fire catering concept led by Bob. His wife Joke is the photographer and provides the beautiful images you see.  Houdvuur modernizes the old way of cooking on an open fire. The food is as important as the cosiness around the fire, getting together with family and friends.  A vision that only Arteflames fulfills; we lost our hearts the first time we saw these gorgeous grills.  We hope that we can share this love in the future with everyone in Belgium and all over the world!  We are so proud and honored to be part of the Arteflame family! 

Craig McPherson

Craig McPherson

Hi! My friends all call me Cmac. I’m a born and raised Nor Cal guy who now lives in New England…and loves it! My wife Jenny and I have two children – Tyler and Riley. Riley loves to cook with me and she is my official Sous Chef. I am a long time backyard griller, smoker and I especially love to cook over a live fire. We also love to entertain and our growing collection of Arteflame grills allow us to engage our guests unlike any other grill can.  Come on over!


Chef Rich Rosendale

 The most internationally competitive American chef brings the cooking experience home.  A love for cooking came early for Rich, nurtured by both his Italian and German grandmothers as he spent time in their kitchens.  Rich also runs the grilling academy for those who want to elevate their outdoor grilling skills...  If you have an Arteflame or just want to become beter at grilling, you can attend Chef Rosendale's grilling classes at his academy.

Jen Campbell
Jen Campbell
Jen is a mom and a business woman who loves to cook and bring people together.  You'll often see her whole family get involved with the grilling.  On her social media, she shares lots of recipes to help others do the same.  Gathering around the Arteflame is just like her kitchen where every gathering inevitably ends up.  Just look at her creative recipes and you'll understand why her invitations to come over for dinner are so popular.  Let her know what your favorite recipes are or give her a challenge so Jen can let her creative juices flow!
Misty Banchero

Misty Banchero

IG: @seattlebutcherswife

Misty is based in Seattle, Washington and she is a self-taught BBQ expert, recipe developer, mother & corporate retail professional.  Married to a butcher/owner of Mondo & Sons 4th generation meat shop in Seattle, her family knows everything there is to know about meat.  If you're a carnivore, follow Misty for the best meat recipes...  She loves sharing her delicious creations.  Have you seen her swiss chaffle Smoked pastrami sandwich or her birria tacos made with chuck roast cooked low & slow in consomé?!

Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell
Chris is the owner and Pitmaster of Campbell's BBQ Co. located in Augusta, Georgia.  He has been featured on the Food Network, The Cooking Channel on the hit BBQ show "Man, Fire, Food".  In addition to cooking commercially, Chris is an avid outdoor live-fire cook and you can see many of his creations on his Instagram page.  He loves the cooking versatility and the atmosphere the Arteflame brings to his backyard and frequently hosts dinner parties featuring the grill.


Ron Dimpflmaier
Ron Dimpflmaier

Ron Dimpflmaier aka Cptnron302 is a family man, a self taught cook and lover of all forms of outdoor cooking... especially Arteflame style!!!  Nothing beats the wood smoke flavor and having a great time grilling.  It's a ritual, a process.  Don't rush it, enjoy it.  You know delicious food is coming...  Living in Florida, Ron likes grilling seafood as well so look for his grilled lobsters next time.



Paul from TeamArteflame

Paul Jimenez

IG: @bigpaulonthegrill

Paul considers himself a "Backyard Dad Chef".  He loves to cook with his wife and daughters outside over an open fire.  He cooks with Passion and Purpose; to grill awesome food for his family and friends and to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer Research.



Dave from TeamArteflameDave Mokry

IG: @backyardbbqsmokehouse

Dave at Backyard BBQ Smokehouse is a BBQ recipe creator and Pitmaster that can always be found smoking and grilling BBQ. He has a passion for creating and sharing new BBQ recipes and encourages other to, "SPREAD LOVE THROUGH BBQ". You can find him on.


Nick from TeamArteflameNick Hill
Salt & Fire BBQ
Nick is a bbq enthusiast with a passion for cooking outdoors. There is nothing better than taking fresh ingredients and using smoke and fire to transform them into delicious meals that can be enjoyed by friends and family. There is something special about food prepared with fire. It’s a simple method yet needs an attention to detail and a delicate hand to create something worth sharing.  I felt the name Salt & Fire BBQ was the perfect way to exemplify my style of cooking. Simple ingredients, smoke and fire is all you need to make amazing food.
Brad in TeamArteflameBrad Prose

Brad Prose is a Phoenix-born professional recipe developer, food writer, and culinary photographer – the force behind Chiles and Smoke. Making his mark in the wide world of BBQ, Brad produces high quality, unique recipes to challenge and expand our comfort zone. He inspires home cooks to use higher-end techniques and new ideas, applying them to the everyday food we know and love.