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Arteflame Grilling With Martha Stewart

Arteflame Grilling With Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart with her Arteflame Grill

A Summer Outing Feast on the Arteflame with Martha Stewart

I always love entertaining at home - especially when I can add a special theme to the menu.

For our company summer outing, I planned lots of fun and delicious Mexican dishes - tacos, quesadillas, tostadas, grilled corn from Mike's Organic, and of course chips, guacamole, and a glossary of flavorful salsas. All these foods were prepared by Chef Aron Cutuc and his hardworking team. If you follow my Instagram page @marthastewart48, you may have already seen some of the delectable bites we enjoyed. I also invited Pizza Luca New York to bake their mouthwatering pizzas from one of their iconic pizza trucks. For drinks, we served selections from Martha Stewart Wine Co., sangria, pomegranate tea with our favorite POM Wonderful concentrate, lemonade, frozen margaritas with Milagro Tequila, and Frose from the Kelvin Slush Co. Finally, our desserts included a variety of homemade cookies and fruit popsicles using berries picked fresh from my gardens. It was a perfect summer feast for all. 

Here are more photos from our gathering at Cantitoe Corners.

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