Valentine's Day Chicken Maple Syrup Pecan Pancakes on the Grill


This video is a quick video on how to grill Valentine's Day Chicken Pancakes with Maple Sugar Pecan's on the Arteflame Burger Pucks.

Naturally, you can also grill these on the Arteflame Grills or the Arteflame inserts for your Weber or Green Egg. This is a simple but fun dish for Valentine's Day! The recipe is below. Enjoy!

Valentine Day Chicken Pancakes with Maple Sugared Pecans


One chicken breast

Pancake batter made ahead of time and ready to pour over grill

1/4 cup Sugared Pecans

A Dash of Cinnamon

Maple Syrup

Sprinkle of Powdered Sugar



Fire up the Arteflame grill or get your Arteflame Burger Pucks or Grill Insert nice and hot. When the temperature reaches between 400 and 450 you’re ready to go.  Remember to lightly coat the cooktop with oil.

Place chicken breast between two pieces of saran wrap and pound to 1/8 thick, or desired thickness. Take heart shaped cookie cutter and pound cutter into the breast. Take scissors and cut out. Place chicken on grill or insert. Get out your heart shaped cooky cutter and make sure you rub some butter or oil on the inside so the pancake won't stick to it. Pour pancake batter on grill to make two heart shaped pancakes. When bubbling up, remove pancakes from the heart shaped mold and flip to other side. Turn over chicken to cook other side. About 3-4 minutes each side. When done place chicken breast on top of pancake sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon, pour a bit of maple syrup over the chicken and top with the sugared pecans. Place the other pancake on top and drizzle with more syrup. Allow to melt and bubble for 30 seconds.

Plate your chicken pancake and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Voila ! Enjoy!


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