Tasty Ham and Spinach Blini on the Grill

Here is a quick and easy recipe on how to grill a Tasty Ham and Spinach Blini.


Sliced ham

1/2 cup spinach

Pancake batter made ahead of time.

Hollandaise sauce or creme fraiche

Fresh chives

Salt and pepper to Taste


Directions :

Get your Arteflame grill or grill insert to grilling temperature. When the temperature reaches between 400 and 450 you’re ready to go Pour pancake batter on grill to make two four inch blinis. Also Place spinach directly onto grill and turn with spatula until wilted. Season with salt and pepper.

Place ham on the grill and sauté until charred on both sides. When blini’s start to bubble, turn over and cook other side. Add seasoning to blini .

When blinis are done layer with spinach and ham. Add creme fraiche and fresh chives.



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