Sweet Pepper Stir Fry, Right On The Arteflame Grill


Sweet Pepper Stir Fry

Sweet Pepper Stir Fry


One bag of mini orange red and yellow peppers 

Or four large peppers any color. 


Peppers on the grill are transformed into a sweet delicious side dish with minimal effort. 

Simply place the whole peppers on the grill, no need to season or slice. Cook on the flat cooktop of the Arteflame grill for two or three minutes each side until you see a char and the skin is wilted and soft. Take off the grill and de-stem each pepper. The peppers should be soft and easy to handle. 

Leave as is and enjoy as a side dish. 

If you prefer to add them to a stir fry or a main dish simply slice them horizontal- they should be soft and easy to handle. Add them to enhance the flavors or onions veggies or rice. Enjoy! 

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