Spicy Sweet Corn Pancakes on the Grill, Teppanyaki Style

How about some Spicy Sweet Corn Pancakes on the Grill Teppanyaki style? Teppanyaki style grilling is perfect for the Arteflame. The flat cooktop has lots of space and no food will fall through grill rates any more. Problem solved!
Here was the recipe for Spicy Sweet Corn pancakes on the Arteflame grill, Teppanyaki style!
Prepared pancake batter
1/4 cup sweet corn
2 sweet peppers
Red onion chopped
Poppy seed or ranch dressing
Fresh cilantro
Sriracha sauce
Mozzarella cheese grated
salt and pepper
Get your Arteflame grill or your Arteflame grill insert to grilling temperature. When the temperature reaches between 400 and 450 you’re ready to go Pour pancake batter directly onto the grill to make two four inch pancakes or blinis.
Place sweet corn, peppers and red onion onto grill to charr. When pancakes start to bubble, turn over and cook other side. Add salt, pepper and any desired spice seasoning to pancakes.
When pancakes are done place all ingredients on top. Layer with sriracha sauce, dressing and fresh cilantro.

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