S'mores on the grill

S'mores on the grill

What is more fun for the kids than S'mores on the grill?!  The Arteflame is perfect for S'mores.  Here's what you need;



Graham Crackers, 2 per S'more
Chocolate Bars (or Nutella)
Marshmallows, 1 Large per S'more



Fire up your Arteflame grill or if these are for desert and your grill is already hot, you're all set.

Put two Graham Crackers directly on the cooktop.  Add chocolate to one cracker and a marshmallow to the other.  Wait until the chocolate is melted and the marshmallow is all soft and gooey.  Put them together and enjoy!

There are countless variation possible here.  Try using Nutella instead of chocolate for a different flavor.  Also, try roasting the marshmallows directly on the cooktop for a nice char!  As the cooktop is a different temperature in different areas, it's fun to find the perfect spot where the marshmallow will get super soft without burning.  You can also roast them the traditional way...

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