Marshmallow Filled Campfire Cones on the Grill

Recipe by @seattlebutcherswife

Marshmallow Filled Campfire Cones on the grill


4 waffle cones

8 large marshmallows or a bag of minis

1/4 c Pork Panko

1 Tbsp of pumpkin pie spice

Variety of treats to fill the cones. (Chocolate pieces, fruit, nuts, caramel etc.)



Fire up the Arteflame grill

Fill each cone with a layer of marshmallow

Sprinkle pumpkin pie spice and Pork Panko

Layer with toppings of your choice. Then add more marshmallow, spice & Pork Panko and top with your favorite treats.

Wrap each cone in heavy duty aluminum foil.

Scoot charcoal to all sides of the grill leaving the center of the Arteflame empty.

With high heat gloves or long tongs set them gently near the coals but not directly on them.

Test one cone to see hot hot the fire is. These heat up fast and shouldn’t take much longer than 3-5 minutes to hear without burning.

If your grill is running hot, you can open the end of your cones and let them warm up the top of the cone longer laying them on the plancha cook top.

* Another method to avoid cooking too fast is to wrap the top of the cone only and to cook it near the edge on top of the plancha cook top, rotating it until melted.

(When cooked these are a little messy but a favorite for the family for sure.)


Marshmallow Filled Campfire Cones on the grill

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