How To Cook Wagyu Picanha In The Traditional Way Using The Arteflame Rotisserie

 by @FOGO Charcoal​


  • The first thing we did was to fill our Arteflame with FOGO Black Bag Premium Charcoal and light it. 
  • We then created a channel down the middle of the hot coals, underneath where the rotisserie will be, so the dripping fat is not running down directly on to the hot coals.  This helps prevent flare ups as well as unwanted smoke which can give a bit of a bitter flavor. 
  • The next step was to slice and skewer the meat.  For this application, you want to cut it across the grain, using 3 fingers as a guide for the width.  This should usually give you about 3 sections to put on the skewer.
  • To skewer the sections, form each one into a “U” shape and pass your skewer or spit through it passing through the fat cap on either end.
  • Once all your meat is on it, coat it generously with coarse kosher salt.  You will want to give a pretty heavy coating as the salt will form a crust and help keep some of the juices inside the meat, right where you want it!
  • Place the skewer into your rotisserie and let that baby spin!  You will see after a little while that it is starting to turn color and is dripping away.  That is exactly what you want to see, let it cook until you have a nice coloring on the outside.
  • You can then remove the skewer (careful, it is extremely hot) and grab your knife.  A good slicing knife is helpful here, but you can use a chef’s knife or any other sharp blade you may have.  Place the pointy end down on your cutting board and hold the other end up high.  Tap the outside of the picanha to remove some of the salt crust.  Do not skip this step!  Slice the meat down the sides so that it just falls away from the skewer.
  • Once you have a slice or two off each side, re-apply some salt to the outside of the meat and return it to the grill. 
  • Repeat the same process until there is no more meat left to slice.

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