Grilled Linguine with Clams & Cherry Peppers

Grilled Linguine with Clams & Cherry Peppers


1 pound rinsed fresh clams1 pound fresh linguini pasta2 Cloves Garlic1 lemon½ cup white wine⅓ cup cherry peppers seeded and slicesGood olive oil (Bonacci)Sea salt & pepperParsleyParmesan for shaving


In a large pot bring water to boil.In a cast iron skillet on hot part of grill, toss in 1 tbsp, oil, garlic, and wine. When mixture starts to simmer, add in a pinch of salt, clams and cover pot.When clams open, remove lid and toss in cherry peppers and parsley.Cook fresh pasta in water (should only take a minute if pasta is fresh - not dried).Strain and toss with 1 tsp good olive oil - we love Bonoacci EVOO.Place pasta in bowl and layer in clam sauce. Top with fresh shaved parmesan and black pepper.


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