Easy Smoked Salmon Pancakes on the Grill



Here is a quick recipe video on making Easy Smoked Salmon Pancakes on the Grill. The flat top griddle of the Arteflame is great for grilling pancakes, the chives and chopped onions. Super easy and quick recipe that is absolutely delicious. Here is what you need;


8-10 ounces of smoked salmon

Pancake batter made ahead of time.

Cream fraiche or yogurt

Fresh chives

Red onion chopped fine

Spring onion chopped fine

Salt and pepper to taste



Heat up the Arteflame grill or your Arteflame grill insert to grilling temperature. When the temperature reaches between 400 and 450 you’re ready to go.

Pour pancake batter directly on the grill to make two four inch pancakes. Place spring onion and red onion on the grill. Grill onions until lightly charred. When pancakes are bubbling flip onto other side.

Place smoked salmon onto the finished pancake. Layer with the spring onion and red onion. Top with remaining pancake.

Place creme fresh and chopped chives on top.


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