Easy Chocolate Fondue on your Grill

Chocolate Fondue on the Grill

Easy Chocolate Fondue


Keep the kids busy by having them cut up all the odd leftover fruit and desserts in your refrigerator. This sauce can be used as a dipping sauce or as a sauce to drizzle over ice cream or cake.



One cup of semi sweet chocolate chips

2 tablespoons of butter

1 (14 ounce) can of sweetened condensed milk

2 tablespoons of water

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Have the kids chop up fresh fruit like pineapple, strawberries, banana, apples etc, pieces of cake or muffins, marshmallows or dried fruit like apricots or plums. 




Fire up your Arteflame grill. Preheat the grill to 350 to 450°. To do this, sprinkle a little water on the flat surface of the grill to test for the grill is the hottest. Where the water beads off quickly is where the grill is the hottest

Combine all the ingredients into a sauce pan or cast iron skillet. Place directly on top of the grilling cooktop surface. Cook and stir constantly Until thickened, about five minutes, remove from heat. Add vanilla.

Serve warm as a dipping sauce or even pour over ice cream or cake. You can store leftovers covered up in your refrigerator for up to a week.



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