Cmac’s Superbowl Chicken Wings

Cmac’s Superbowl Chicken Wings
Recipe by Craig McPherson (CMac)



1 lg bag frozen party wings (flats and drums)

2 tbs Baking Powder

½ stick unsalted butter

BBQ sauce of your choosing (I used Bear Smoke’s “Cam Cam Chipotle”, “S.C. Mustard Sauce” and “Sticky Sweet Sauce”



Fire up your Arteflame grill. Set up your rotisserie attachment on the top bracket.

Take your thawed wings, put them in a brown grocery bag with the Baking Powder, and shake until the wings have a light coating of the Baking Powder on them.

Place wings in a rotisserie basket, put over the fire and turn on. Let them go for about 60 minutes or until they read a safe 165.

While wings are cooking, add a ½ stick of butter and 6 tbs of bbq sauce to a small sauce pan and simmer on the plancha.

Remove wings from the rotisserie basket and put in a large bowl. Drizzle the hot butter/bbq sauce mixture over and toss to coat.

Enjoy as is, or with a side of Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing to dip in!

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