Cinnamon Roll Heart strawberry skewers with Pork Panko

Cinnamon Roll Heart ❤️ strawberry skewers with Pork Panko

Recipe by @seattlebutcherswife


Canned refrigerated cinnamon rolls with glaze
Cinnamon - to taste
Pork Panko- 1/2 cup
1 lb fresh strawberries
Coconut oil for seasoning the grill top

* will need a heart shaped cookie cutter


Fire up your Arteflame grill.
Take each chilled cinnamon roll out and use a rolling pen to flatten.
Use the heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out the shape.  Use excess, mix together to make more hearts.  *Quantity will vary depending on the size of your cutter.
Sprinkle cinnamon onto both sides of the heart.
Pour the Pork Panko onto a cutting board, plate or your Arteflame side table attachment.
Dip each heart lightly in the plate of Pork Panko crumbs.
Use the coconut oil on the grill where you’ll cook the hearts flipping on both sides until cooked through.
In approximately 10-15 minutes they should be done.  Then use the icing to drizzle the top & skewer.
*plate with ice cream as a dessert or alongside a hearty plancha cooked  breakfast.

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