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Article: BearSmokeBBQ Pork Pretzels on the Arteflame

BearSmokeBBQ Pork Pretzels on the Arteflame

BearSmokeBBQ Pork Pretzels on the Arteflame

Recipe from @seattlebutcherswife


1 pork loin
Yellow mustard
BearSmokeBBQ Mustard bbq Sauce
BearSmokeBBQ Rub


Fire up your Arteflame grill.
Slice the pork loin into 3 even sections lengthwise
(They can be all different thicknesses. The smaller the strips the better to work with)
Shape into pretzel shapes and secure with toothpicks if necessary until firm.
Rub a light coating of yellow mustard on the pork strips.
Sprinkle the seasoning on the pork strips. Coating all sides.
Shape like pretzels and set on a baking sheet or tray.

Place on the plancha cooktop until the internal temp is 130.
Brush on the BearsmokeBBq sauce on all sides to glaze the meat.
Flip the pork pretzels over and cook until the internal temperature is 145’
Finally brush the pretzels with the remaining BearSmokeBBQ Mustard bbq Sauce.

Let them cool a bit before moving them to a serving tray. Best when served warm.

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