Recipe by Chef Rich Rosendale

(here is the complete recipe in a PDF including pictures)

Yields: 12 BBQ Bologna sliders


  • 1 Bologna (about 5lbs)
  • 1 small bottle Bear rub N03 seasoning
  • 1 cup BBQ sauce
  • 1 small jar pickled cucumbers
  • 12 slider buns
  • 1 cup butter
  • 12 teaspoons yellow mustard
  • 12ea slices American cheese



1. Unwrap the bologna from the plastic/paper, making sure you don’t leave any residue.


2. Start scoring the bologna diagonally with a paring knife and carefully roll the bologna to go all the way around. Repeat this in the opposite direction to create a diamond scoring design.


3. Season using our favorite Bear rub N03. While you are seasoning, make sure you stay on the cutting board to not waste any product. You will roll from side to side to season all the way around.


4. Using the Arteflame Rotisserie attachment, you will place the attachment through the core of the bologna.


5.  To make sure you have enough seasoning, you can press the bologna to the cutting board and get some of the seasoning through the scoring cuts.


6. Place the Arteflame Rotisserie with the bologna on it over the fired up Arteflame. Turn it on and start enjoying the beautiful aromas you will get from its cooking process.


7.Brush some barbecue sauce around the bologna and continue cooking until it reaches internal temp of 165F. It could take up to two hours to reach its internal temperature of 165F.


8. While the Arteflame flat top is hot, melt some butter and place the slider buns facing down to toast them.

When they are golden brown, remove them and reserve for next step.


9. When the bologna is browned and looking delicious, remove the attachment from the Arteflame grill and place it on your cutting board.

Slice the pickled cucumbers and reserve.


10. Remove the Arteflame Rotisserie attachment and slice the bologna.

To build the sandwich, you will use one side of the bun, place a slice of bologna, a layer of yellow mustard, one slice of American cheese on top of the bologna, then slices of pickled cucumbers, barbecue sauce and onions. Top with the other half of the slider bun and enjoy it!


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